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Every auto loan has 2 parts to it, the applicant and the vehicle itself.  Therefore 50% of the interest rate is determined by the quality of the applicant or in other words their credit history.  The remaining 50% of the interest rate is determined by the actual vehicle used for the car loan, more specifically the year, make, model, and most importantly the kilometers driven.  The reason why the vehicle is equally as important as the applicant when
  Most people think that they have to wait a certain time period after their bankruptcy to obtain a car loan.  In actual fact you become eligible to obtain an auto loan the moment a judge grants the discharge of bankruptcy.  CA Lending® specializes in helping individuals get a car loan after bankruptcy.  We realize that you’ve just been through an awful ordeal and our trained professionals will structure your car loan so that you
Getting  approved for a bad credit car loan through CA Lending® will be one of the quickest and most effective ways to improve your overall credit score.  The reason for this is that an auto loan is usually the second biggest loan that an individual will obtain, next to a home loan (mortgage) of course.  It is also a secured loan with the car itself being the collateral.  Banks and lending institutions tend to provide more favorable terms when they


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