How Much of a Downpayment Should You Make Towards Your Bad Credit Car Loan?

Although down payments are not required at CA Lending® to obtain a car loan, customers that put $1000 or more as a down payment usually get more favourable interest rates and terms as it demonstrates a sincere desire and motivation to pay of their car loan and improve their credit rating in the shortest time possible.  50% of all CA Lending® customers choose to make a down payment  of $500 to $1000 even though they are not required to do so.

Bad Credit Car Loan Promotion

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Car Loan Credit Inquiries: How Many Are Too Many?

When you have a good credit history/score having a few extra credit inquiries made is not the end of the world.  But when you have poor to severely bad credit each additional and unnecessary credit inquiry when trying to obtain a car loan may cost you precious points on your overall credit score that you just can’t afford lose.  A good rule of thumb is to make no more than 3 – 5  auto loan credit inquiries in total per year.

Secure Online Credit Application

At CA Lending® we want our customers to rest assured that when they are sending their most confidential information by submitting an car loan credit application at that they are protected from having third parties view this information.  We understand that although technology like the internet has made it easier to communicate, it has also made it more convenient for identity theft and ultimately fraud to take place.   Please review the internet security page for browser security identification as well as our privacy policy page.

Bad Credit Car Loan 12 Month Credit Repair

At CA Lending®, we put the repair in “credit repair” so after making 12 monthly or 26 bi-weekly car loan payments you will be eligible to qualify for an auto loan rate of 3.99%APR – 9.99%APR.  We want our customers to pay the lowest interest rate they can and that is why we will work with you on simple yet effective ways of maintaining a good overall credit score.  Remember, it’s not just your credit, it’s your credibility.