CA Lending® Is Your #1 Car Loan Provider In Toronto, Ontario

CA Lending® has been rated the #1 car loan provider in Toronto, Ontario 4 years running.  Whether it’s bad credit auto loans or bankruptcy car loans, we’ve got you covered.  Our knowledgeable representatives are trained specifically in auto financing and will be able to solve any credit problem that you may have.  With interest rates as low as 3.97% APR and terms as long as 84 months, we’ll arrange a car loan for you with a low, comfortable monthly or bi-weekly payment.  For CA Lending® customers that make 12 monthly or 26 bi-weekly payments (with no missed payments) are eligible to get a substantially reduced interest rate on their next auto loan.  So don’t wait, Apply Today and get Approved.

CA Lending® Is Your #1 Car Loan Provider In Markham, Ontario

CA Lending® is the #1 car loan provider in Markham, Ontario 4 years running.  Not only have we been helping Canadian consumers that have a poor credit history obtain auto financing but have also been helping consumers with good to excellent credit obtain auto loans at record low interest rates of 3.97% APR (o.a.c.).  So as you can see CA Lending® is your one stop shop car loan provider for all credit types.  Even if you had a bankruptcy or are in a current consumer proposal, CA Lending® will have your auto loan approved within hours and have you driving your new car the very next day, guaranteed.  So apply today and take full advantage of some of our amazing limited time car loan promotions and by doing so, save your hard earned money.

CA Lending® Is Your #1 Car Loan Provider In London, Ontario

CA Lending® has been rated the #1 car loan provider in London, Ontario for 4 years running.  So whether you have good credit or bad credit, had a bankruptcy or are in a consumer proposal, CA Lending® has the car you want with the auto loan that you deserve.  Even if you are 3 months into a new job or are a student with a part-time job CA Lending® will give you a car loan that is affordable for any budget.  So apply today and have one of our experienced and friendly case agents guide you step by step up until the point that you drive away in your new car.  Don’t wait, Apply Today and get Approved!

CA Lending® Is Your #1 Car Loan Provider In Hamilton, Ontario

CA Lending® is rated #1 auto loan provider in Hamilton, Ontario 4 years running.  Our car loans have the lowest rates and the best terms in the country.  Interest rates as low as 3.97% and terms as long as 84 months on select models give our customers the flexibility of the lowest  and most affordable payments. We offer pre-authorized payments weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly depending on when your pay cheques are deposited into your account.  CA Lending®… Auto financing made easy.  Apply Today and get Approved!

When Providing A Car Loan Which Credit Bureau Does CA Lending® Look At; Equifax, TransUnion, Or Experian?

When you apply for a car loan at CA Lending®, like other reputable auto loan companies we run a credit check.  There are 3 credit bureaus that are available to run credit reports, Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.  CA Lending® is able to access all 3 credit bureaus but for the purpose of auto financing the main ones are Equifax and TransUnion.  Equifax is the primary credit reporting agency in Canada.  90% of all credit inquiries are run through Equifax Canada due to its monthly reporting, accuracy of information and most importantly, the 100% secure transmission of your personal financial information.  Because at CA Lending®, your privacy matters to us.  Apply Today and get Approved!