Car Loans For Bad Credit vs. Post Bankruptcy Auto Loans

Car loans for bad credit means that you have had good repayment history on your existing credit cards and loans for at least 6-8 months but before that you had been behind on your payments with 2-3 smaller accounts in collections status whereas post bankruptcy auto loans  just means that you have been officially discharged form bankruptcy and therefore are starting an entirely new credit history.  Whether you’ve had a few payment hiccups in the past or you’ve just come out of bankruptcy CA Lending® has the loan for you with the vehicle that you didn’t think that you’d be able to get due to your bad credit history.  So Apply  Today and get Approved!

Bad Credit Car Loans Specialist in Ontario Canada

CA Lending® is Ontario‘s one stop shop for quality vehicles as well as car loans for people in all types of situations.  Whether you have bad credit, new credit, just discharged from bankruptcy or even in a current consumer proposal, CA Lending® has got the car loan for you with rates as low as 4.97% O.A.C.  At CA Lending® our customers get exclusive access to a variety of vehicle brands from Ford®, GM®, and Chrysler® to Toyota®, Honda®, and Nissan® to even Acura®, Infiniti®, BMW® and Lexus®.  Hundreds of quality vehicles to choose from.  So Apply Today and get Approved…