Refinancing Your Bad Credit Car Loan in Ontario

Most people think that a car loan can be refinanced, but this is not true.  Don’t feel bad because this a very common misconception made due to the common practice of refinancing a home mortgage.  The reason for this is that a mortgage is a loan for a property, which is considered to be an asset or appreciating asset whereas a car loan is financing for a vehicle which is considered to be a depreciating asset.  At CA Lending®, you may trade in your vehicle after 12 monthly payments or 26 bi-weekly payments and obtain a new vehicle  with a car loan at a substantially reduced interest rate, regardless if you have good credit, bad credit, had a bankruptcy or are in a consumer proposal.  So Apply Today and get Approved!

Auto Loan Refinancing In Ontario

It’s A Great Time To Get A Car Loan

Right now is the best time to get a car loan, whether you have good credit, bad credit, had a bankruptcy or are in a consumer proposal.  Interest rates are still at all time lows but will be going up very soon so take advantage of rates as low as 4.97% APR (O.A.C).  Also due to the fact that the auto industry is still recovering there are still many great offers and incentives that are available to consumers.  So Apply Today and get Approved!

Bad Credit Car Loans Term – 48 Months vs 60 Months vs 72 Months

When getting a bad credit car loan or a bankruptcy car loan most people wonder; should I get a car loan for 48 months, 60 months or 72 months.  It’s really up to you but here’s a tip to remember:  If you choose 48 month term, your monthly or bi-weekly payment will be substantially higher than if you choose a 72 month term.  Both car loan terms are open loans and can be paid off at any time without incurring additional interest or penalties but you may not pay less.  Therefore it would be more prudent to select 72 months or the longest term possible to have the most payment flexibility.

72 Month Car Loan

Bad Credit Car Loans Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is defined as the central city of Toronto, and the four regional municipalities that surround it: Durham, Halton, Peel, and York.  The amalgamated population of the Greater Toronto Area is approximately 12,000,000 people.  With Toronto being the largest city in Canada the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is the most densely populated region of municipalities in Canada.  If you reside in and around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and need a bad credit car loan or a post bankruptcy car loan then contact a CA Lending® representative  or apply online and get approved for a car loan in 24 hours.

Car Loan In The Greater Toronto Area GTA


Bad Credit Car Loans Durham Region

The Regional Municipality of Durham, commonly known as Durham Region, is a regional municipality located in Southern Ontario east of Toronto, Ontario with a population of 608,124 and an area of approximately 2,500 square kilometres. The towns of Pickering and Ajax, along with the township of Uxbridge and Zephyr, make up part of the Toronto Census Metropolitan Area, with the communities of Oshawa, Whitby, and Clarington making up the Oshawa Census Metropolitan Area. The regional government is headquartered in Whitby.  If you reside in any of the above mentioned communities that comprise Durham Region and require an auto loan and the bank turns you down, then call CA Lending®.  Whether you have bad credit, new or now credit, had a bankruptcy, or are in consumer proposal, CA Lending® will provide you with a car loan that is custom tailored to your specific needs.  Apply Today and get Approved!

Car Loans Durham Region