Does My Car Loan Payment Include A Warranty?

At CA Lending®, every car loan payment includes a 12 month/unlimited km Lubrico® Powertrain Protection Warranty that covers your engine, transmission, transfer case, differential(s), turbo/supercharger, timing belts/chains, seals and gaskets.  So rest assured that when you get an auto loan from CA Lending® you have the peace of mind knowing that any repairs that are required will be covered and you get to keep your money in your pocket, where it belongs.  Apply Today and get Approved!

Am I Guaranteed To Be Approved For A Bad Credit Car Loan?

When searching for a car loan you will come across many websites that make wild outlandish claims like “Everyone Approved” or “100% Approved” or “Guaranteed Approval”.  Unfortunately this is mathematically impossible.  So be weary and remember that when it comes to auto loans, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.  CA Lending®’s approval rate is well over 87%, which means that out of 1000 people that apply for a bad credit car loan at CA Lending®, at least 870 of them get Approved.  So we don’t guarantee that you will be approved for a car loan at CA Lending®, but we do guarantee that if CA Lending® can’t approve you then no one else can.  Apply Today!