CA Lending® Is Your #1 Car Loan Provider In Brampton, Ontario

CA Lending® has been rated the #1 car loan provider in Brampton, Ontario for 4 years running.  Not just because of its friendly staff, amazingly low interest rates, and terms as long as 84 months but the quality and variety of the vehicles that we give our customers access to.  From SUVs to compact cars to luxury sedans, minivans and hybrid vehicles.  CA Lending® has the car you want with the auto loan that you deserve.  Ask us about our monthly car loan promotions and amazing giveaways and auto financing cash back offers.  So Apply Today get Approved!  You’ll be glad you did.

CA Lending® Is Your #1 Car Loan Provider In Mississauga, Ontario

Getting approved for a car loan in Mississauga, Ontario has never been easier.  Go to and fill out our 3 minute application and you’re 1 click away from getting approved for your auto loan.  It’s quick, simple, and secure.  Bad Credit, Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposal, no problem.  With interest rates as low as 3.97% (APR o.a.c.) and terms as long as 84 months it’s easy to see why CA Lending® is your #1 car loan provider in Mississauga, Ontario.  Apply Today and get Approved!

Getting A Used Car Loan In Ontario Is A Lot Easier Than You Think

It used to be that when you applied for a car loan in the province of Ontario you would have to provide bank statements, tax forms, 5 -10 personal and business references, and have been employed at your present job for at least 2 years.  At CA Lending®, all you need is to be employed at your present job for 4 months, provide 2 verifiable pay stubs and you’re approved.  It’s that simple.  Even if you have bad credit or had a bankruptcy, CA Lending® will have you approved the same day and driving your new car the very next day.  So apply for your auto loan today and start driving tomorrow.

Why You Should Get Your Car Loan In Toronto As Opposed To Locally

In Canada, 90% of all auto sales are facilitated through a car loan.  When looking for an auto loan it is natural to search for a car loan provider within your local area.  What most Canadians don’t know is that by getting their vehicle and car loan in Toronto, they will be saving thousands of dollars as opposed to their local dealer or auto loan provider.  The reason for this is simpler than you think; it’s basic supply and demand.  A largely populated area, like Toronto will have a substantially greater vehicle supply to accommodate their residents, and where there is greater supply, prices are lower.  Also where there is a greater supply of vehicles there will be a much greater assortment of auto finance companies to facilitate these sales.  It just makes sense.  So when getting your next car loan, apply with us and save your hard earned money.