Toronto’s Premiere Car Loans Approval Specialist

Getting a car loan in Toronto has just become a lot easier.  Just fill out our 100% secure online credit application and your auto loan will be approved within 3 hours of clicking “Submit”.  It’s that simple!  All you have to do is have a full time job and make at least $10.10/hour and you’re “Approved”.  Even if you had a bankruptcy or are in a current consumer proposal CA Lending® will have you “Approved” and driving your new car within 36 hours of filling out your application. So Apply Today and get Approved!

Car Loan For People With Bad Credit After Bankruptcy

CA Lending® has been providing car loans for people with bad credit in Ontario and across Canada with interest rates as low as 3.97% APR (o.a.c.).  When starting fresh after bankruptcy an auto loan is the quickest and most efficient way to reestablish your credit.  CA Lending® has facilitated thousands of car loans over the years providing consumers with realistic solutions even if you have no credit or are in a current consumer proposal.  So apply today and we’ll have your auto loan approved and you driving in 36 hours.

3 Reasons Why You Should Make CA Lending® Your Complete Car Loan & Vehicle Provider In Ontario

3 reasons why you should make CA Lending® your complete car loan and vehicle provider:

1.  CA Lending® has the lowest interest rates for auto loans in the entire country.  Here, car loan interest rates begin at 3.97%.  CA Lending® also has terms up to 84 months for 2012 models and higher.

2.  CA Lending® gives you access to hundreds of quality vehicles for your auto loan at next to wholesale prices.  From compact cars, to SUV’s, to sedans and minivans of all makes and models, foreign and domestic.

3.  At CA Lending® there are no car loan gimmicks or false promises, just speedy approvals and knowledgeable staff that will take your hand and guide you every step of the way, even when you pick up your vehicle and drive it home.

Car Loan Christmas Holiday Sign & Drive Event 2013

Get a car loan at CA Lending® during the month of December and become eligible for up to $1000 in savings on your vehicle.  Whether you have good credit, bad credit, had a bankruptcy, or are in consumer proposal, CA Lending® will provide you with an auto loan that is manageable and affordable.  CA Lending® will also be open and providing car loans during the Christmas holidays with huge savings.  But don’t wait, because these offers are only good until December 26, 2013.  So Apply Today and get Approved!

Fixed Rate Car Loan Or Variable Rate Car Loan?

A ‘fixed rate’ car loan‘s interest rate remains unchanged or ‘fixed’ for the full term of the loan whereas a ‘variable rate’ car loan‘s interest rate can go up or down depending on the prime lending rate.  So if the prime lending rate is 3% and your auto loan is 4% over prime then your car loan interest rate would be 7%.  If the prime lending rate should happen to rise form 3% to 3.5% then your car loan interest rate would be 7.5%.  CA Lending® offers both ‘fixed’ and ‘variable’ rate car loans whether you have good credit bad credit, had a bankruptcy or are 6 months into a consumer proposal.  Apply Today and get Approved!